Month: September 2015

Absentia – Quickie Review

This low-budget, super-natural horror flick really packs a punch. A bit of a slow-burner, but once this thing gets going the tension really holds and the script keeps you guessing. With jump scares throughout, this small film satisfies.

Quote of the Day – September 23, 2015

“You know the part in scary movies when somebody does something really stupid, and everybody hates them for it? This is it.”

Big Bad Wolves – Quickie Review

The content is disturbing; the humour is pitch black; the violence is graphic; the script is air-tight; the movie is brilliant. I was completely riveted while watching this film and I was horrified at what was making me laugh. This movie is terrific throughout with a devastating ending.

Movie Drivel Presents… My Personal 31 Nights Of Horror (2015) – Viewing List

This October I plan on going a little mad. I went through all of my movies and compiled a list of horror films. The list started with 230 movies. It has now been whittled down to 31. The list is mainly comprised of films I have yet to see and ones that I haven’t seen …

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5 Faves: IMDb Top 250 – 51 to 75

1. Great Dictator, The 2. North By Northwest 3. Das Boot 4. Oldboy (2003) 5. WALL-E Just Missed The Cut: Django Unchained, M, The Prestige, Return Of The Jedi, Vertigo Need To See: Amelie, Cinema Paradiso, Citizen Kane, Paths Of Glory, Princess Mononoke Comedy Hi-Lites: American Beauty, Inside Out Horror Hi-Lites: Alien, Aliens, The Shining

A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors – Quickie Review

Outside of the original, this is easily the best of the Elm Street movies. The makeup and special effects still hold up. Robert Englund gets some great material to work with and he delivers the scares and the laughs. The marionette death scene remains one of the best kills in the horror genre.