Month: November 2015

Dave – Quickie Review

This Capraesque comedy about a full-time temp agency manager and part-time president lookalike performer who through happenstance ends up impersonating the president in an official capacity. Kevin Kline is utterly charming as the title character and Frank Langella is at his sleazy best. Wonderfully funny and very touching film. This may be Reitman’s best movie …

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5 Faves: Films From Shelf 10 Of My Blu-Ray Collection

1. L.A. Confidential 2. Jaws 3. Jodorowsky’s Dune 4. Iron Man 5. Killer, The (1989) Just Missed The Cut: Joe, John Wick, Johnny Handsome, Jurassic Park, Knightriders Need To See: The Interview (2014), Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1958), Invictus, Iron Sky, Killers (2014) Comedy Hi-Lites: Kick-Ass 2, Kingpin, Kingsman: The Secret Service Horror Hi-Lites: …

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Full Metal Jacket – Quickie Review

Stanley Kubrick’s Vietnam war classic told in two parts, boot camp and combat. The first half of the film is by far the best part of the movie. Even though R. Lee Ermey is basically playing himself, no one could have done it any better. He’s so f’ing good. While still intense, the second half …

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5 Faves: Films of Kevin Bacon

1. Few Good Men, A 2. JFK 3. Mystic River 4. Wild Things 5. Apollo 13 Just Missed The Cut: Black Mass, Criminal Law, Murder In The First, The River Wild, X-Men: First Class Need To See: Animal House, Cop Car, Frost/Nixon, Sleepers, The Woodsman Comedy Hi-Lites: The Big Picture, Crazy Stupid Love, Diner, She’s …

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Big Lebowski, The – Quickie Review

This is the absolute epitome of a Coen Brothers movie. Quirky, well-rounded characters. Absurd scenarios. And a wickedly biting screenplay. Jeff Bridges is brilliant as The Dude. He just embodies the character and there’s nothing better than a Sam Elliot voice over. I love this movie.