Pet Sematary II – Quickie Review

I only ever found the original film passable at best. This is a pretty weak follow-up. Edward Furlong is reliably awful. More gore than the first, but it’s also guilty of having more bore. There is only one reason to ever watch this film. The inspired and amusing performance of Clancy Brown.

Vagrant, The – Quickie Review: 31 Nights Of Horror – Day 14 / Film #2

Over-the-top campy, horror-comedy about a man who is being terrorizes in his new house by an invading hobo starring cult favourites Bill Paxton and Michael Ironside as well as Kuato as title character. Super fun, never takes itself too seriously, a surprise treat. Another surprise, it was executive-produced by the one and only, Mel Brooks. …

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5 Faves: Films of 1992

1. Unforgiven 2. Few Good Men, A 3. Glengarry Glen Ross 4. Midnight Clear, A 5. Player, The Just Missed The Cut: Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Diggstown, Hard Boiled, Reservoir Dogs, Trespass Need To See: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Malcolm X, Man Bites Dog, Of Mice And Men, Romper Stomper Comedy Hi-Lites: Bob Roberts, A League …

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Diggstown – Quickie Review

Great boxing movie, even better con artist movie. James Woods is magnetic; Bruce Dern is at his sleazeball best; Oliver Platt is a riot. Plenty of twists and turns along the way with a killer ending.

Dr. Giggles – Quickie Review

Camp is the order of the day in this surprisingly funny, heavily gory and underrated horror film. Larry Drake gives a wonderfully measured, over-the-top performance. Clever death scenes, a whole lot of fun.

Brain Donors – Quickie Review

A very funny movie in the tradition of the Marx Brothers. John Turturro is fantastic in the Groucho inspired role. Rapid fire jokes and sight gags elevate this move. Not all jokes hit, but there are far more hits than misses. The opening credit sequence is awesome, but an obvious ploy to pad the running …

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