Demolition Man – Quickie Review

Slam-bang, over the top, futurist action flick. Easily one of Stallone’s best and most entertaining films. Snipes is clearly having a hoot playing the super-villain. Some of the ironic future humour runs thin after a while, but the film is overall very fun with a stellar supporting cast which includes a young and spunky Sandra …

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Tombstone – Quickie Review

Easily one of my all-time favourite westerns. Sprawling, epic and exciting. Tremendous ensemble. However, Val Kilmer, Powers Boothe and Stephen Lang are far and away the stand-outs. Be sure sure to check out of the director’s cut for even more Kilmer.

Dave – Quickie Review

This Capraesque comedy about a full-time temp agency manager and part-time president lookalike performer who through happenstance ends up impersonating the president in an official capacity. Kevin Kline is utterly charming as the title character and Frank Langella is at his sleazy best. Wonderfully funny and very touching film. This may be Reitman’s best movie …

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Cronos – Quickie Review: 31 Nights Of Horror – Day 2 / Film #1

Early and modest entry in the Guillermo del Toro cannon. It’s a unique twist on the vampire genre. Considering what kind of movies GDT makes now, this is very low-key, but some decent practical makeup effects. I didn’t grab me as much as I would have hoped; but it’s still worth a look.

5 Faves: Films of 1993

1. True Romance 2. Schindler’s List 3. In The Line Of Fire 4. Fugitive, The 5. Kalifornia Just Missed The List: Iron Monkey, Jurassic Park, Red Rock West, Rudy, Tombstone Need To See: Carlito’s Way, Cronos, In The Name Of The Father, Menace II Society, Philadelphia Comedy Hi-Lites: Dave, Groundhog Day, Heart And Souls, Matinee, …

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True Romance – Quickie Review

One of my all time favourite films. Perfectly cast with a dream ensemble. Some of the best dialog ever put to celluloid. The violence is brutal and breathtaking. One phenomenal scene after another, pure movie magic. Love it.

In The Line Of Fire – Quickie Review

Exciting, fast-paced action-thriller from director Wolfgang Peterson. One of Eastwood’s best films and performances.  However, Malkovich steals the movie. Great ensemble overall.