Wedding Crashers – Quickie Review

This is Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn at the top of their comedic game. This is a very funny movie: funny lines and funny situations. The supporting is just as strong as the leads including a great cameo from Will Ferrell. It’s probably about 20 minutes too long, but it’s a whole lotta fun. Raunchy …

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5 Faves: Films Of 2005

1. Cinderella Man 2. Serenity 3. Sin City 4. History Of Violence, A 5. Good Night, And Good Luck Just Missed The Cut: The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Batman Begins, Brick, Crash, Munich Need To See: Brokeback Mountain, The Jacket, Kingdom Of Heaven, Lords Of Dogtown, Pride And Prejudice Comedy Hi-Lites: The Ice Harvest, Kiss Kiss Bang …

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Evil Aliens – Quickie Review: 31 Nights Of Horror – Day 17 / Film #4

Holy shit this was gory! Holy shit this was glorious! A tabloid news team heads to a Welsh farm to report on an alien abduction and impregnation. Super fun, but super corny alien invasion movie. Full of subtle and not so subtle homages to other sci-fi and horror classics. This has some early Peter Jackson …

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Wolf Creek – Quickie Review

Early entry in the torture porn genre. More build up and introductory story than most others of the same ilk. Inspired by true events. The film boasts solid gore and an out and out bad-ass villain.

Hostel – Quickie Review

One of the first mainstream movies to be deemed, torture porn. It’s well made movie, very creepy and very violent. Not for anyone with a weak stomach. It’s very graphic and not surprisingly, full of dark humour. It’s among the first of its kind, and it remains one of the best.

Devil’s Rejects, The – Quickie Review

Rob Zombie’s follow-up to House of 1000 Corpses is a hyper-violent crime romp with exceptional dark humour and very well written dialogue, almost lyrical in parts. Not for everyone, I remember seeing a few people walk out of the theatre when I saw it. Bill Moseley is terrific.