First Power, The – Quickie Review

Full Disclosure: I haven’t seen this in 25 years. I do remember enjoying this supernatural thriller when I saw it at the theatre. The violence was adequate. Mr. Kober deliciously hammed it up. I also remember laughing at a few things that were supposed to be scary; my sense of humour was warped even back …

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Without Warning – Quickie Review

Low budget horror/sci-fi film starring future Oscar winners Jack Palance and Martin Landau as well as the very young, ginger-haired David Caruso. Predates Predator by 7 years in the Aliens Hunting Humans For Sport On Earth genre. The effects range from cheesy to graphic; the dialogue ranges from cheesy to extreme cheese. Palance and Landau …

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Dead Heat (1988) – Quickie Review

The dream team casting of Treat Williams and Joe Piscopo was finally realized for this horror-action-comedy. Filled to the brim with good ol’ clean ’80s fun, camp and violence. It doesn’t take itself too serious nor should it. Silliness abound.

Critters – Quickie Review

It’s been a while since I’ve seen it, but I remember it being campy fun with a good amount of gore. A nice throwback to the creature features of the ’50s. Rewatch mandatory.

Pet Sematary – Quickie Review

I have not seen this movie since I was much younger, but the thought of it bothers me more now since I have a young son myself. There was some truly eerie scenes in this film and some cringe-inducing events with a scalpel. A rewatch and possible re-rating may be needed.

Snakes On A Plane – Quickie Review

This movie fell victim to the over hype machine. The name got out there and the crowd went wild and then the movie came out. Not the box office smash everyone was expecting. It’s a somewhat enjoyable movie. It knows exactly what it is and it’s not trying to be something else. The average rating …

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Taint, The – Quickie Review

Has your life been lacking because you think there hasn’t been a movie made about a tainted water supply that turns men into monsters with raging erections and then causes them to have a hankering to crush women’s heads with random objects? Well, look no further. Your prayers have been answered. Plain and simple, this …

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Over-sexed Rugsuckers From Mars – Quickie Review

Classic ’80s low budget sci-fi schlock, so bad it hurts. I love it. Find a copy, that’s my review on the back cover.

Serbian Film, A – Quickie Review

The one movie that caused me to ask myself, “Why am I watching this?” Very disturbing, not for the weak stomached. I still didn’t turn it off.