5 Faves: Films of Steve Carell

the-way-way-back-toni-collette-steve-carell-wwbspllc1. Way Way Back, The 2. Big Short, The 3. 40 Year Old Virgin, The 4. Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy 5. Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World Just Missed The Cut: Crazy, Stupid, Love; Despicable Me Series; Foxcatcher; Horton Hears A Who; Little Miss Sunshine Need To See: Battle Of The Sexes; Cafe Society; Dan In Real Life; Dinner For Schmucks; Freeheld Comedy Hi-Lites: Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues; Bruce Almighty; Date Night; Get Smart; The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

5 Faves: Films of Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin1. Departed, The
2. State And Main
3. Beetlejuice
4. Glengarry Glen Ross
5. Hunt For Red October, The

Just Missed The Cut: The Aviator; The Cooler; Malice; Miami Blues; Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

Need To See: Concussion; Path To War; Rock Of Ages; Talk Radio; Working Girl

Comedy Hi-Lites: It’s Complicated; The Last Shot; Married To The Mob; Rise Of The Guardians; The Royal Tenenbaums

5 Faves: Films of John Goodman

jacqueline_west_vintage_eyewear_john_goodman_argo1. Argo
2. Artist, The
3. Big Lebowski, The
4. Storytelling
5. Raising Arizona

Just Missed The Cut: Bringing Out The Dead; The Emperor’s New Groove; Flight; Matinee; O, Brother Where Art Thou?

Need To See: The Borrowers; C.H.U.D.; Red State; True Stories; Trumbo

Comedy Hi-Lites: The Campaign; Monsters, Inc.; The Monuments Men; Punchline; Revenge Of The Nerds

Horror Hi-Lites: 10 Cloverfield Lane; Arachnophobia; Fallen; ParaNorman

5 Faves: Films Of Will Ferrell

elf-11. Elf
2. Lego Movie, The
3. Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy
4. Stranger Than Fiction
5. Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby

Just Missed The Cut: Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues; Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back; Old School; Step Brothers; Zoolander

Need To See: Casa De Mi Padre; Everything Must Go; Get Hard; Land Of The Lost; Zoolander 2

Comedy Cameos: The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard; Starsky & Hutch; Wedding Crashers

5 Faves: Films of Matt Damon

the-departed-matt-damon1. Departed, The
2. Saving Private Ryan
3. Rounders
4. Martian, The
5. True Grit

Just Missed The Cut: The Adjustment Bureau; The Bourne Series; Dogma; Good Will Hunting; The Ocean’s Series

Need To See: All The Pretty Horses; Behind The Candelabra; The Good Shepherd; Invictus; We Bought A Zoo

Comedy Hi-Lites: Chasing Amy; Eurotrip; The Informant!; The Monuments Men; Stuck On You

Horror Hi-Lites: Contagion

5 Faves: Films of 2000

tumblr_nuiw55gqv71ubc3b0o1_5001. Almost Famous
2. Remember The Titans
3. Memento
4. State And Main
5. Cell, The

Just Missed The Cut: Best In Show; The Contender; Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; The Princess And The Warrior; Snatch

Need To See: Amores Perros; Anatomy; Requiem Of A Dream; Tigerland; Wonderland

Comedy Hi-Lites: High Fidelity; Me, Myself & Irene; Nurse Betty; O Brother, Where Art Thou?; Small Time Crooks

Horror Hi-Lites: Blood: The Last Vampire; Final Destination; Ginger Snaps; Pitch Black; Shadow Of The Vampire

5 Faves: Films of Jim Carrey

jim-carrey-eternal151. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
2. Truman Show, The
3. Dumb & Dumber
4. Cable Guy, The
5. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Just Missed The Cut: Doing Time On Maple Drive; Kick-Ass 2; The Majestic; Man On The Moon; Me, Myself & Irene

Need To See: The Bad Batch; A Christmas Carol; Introducing… Janet; True Crimes; Yes Man

Comedy Hi-Lites: Bruce Almighty; Horton Hears A Who; The Incredible Burt Wonderstone; Liar Liar; The Mask

Horror Hi-Lites: Number 23; Once Bitten

5 Faves: Films Of Ben Stiller

tumblr_o00uckzGvZ1qgi26jo1_5001. Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
2. There’s Something About Mary
3. Tropic Thunder
4. Zero Effect
5. Royal Tenenbaums, The

Just Missed The Cut: Empire Of The Sun; Flirting With Disaster; Permanent Midnight; Starsky & Hutch; Zoolander

Need To See: Greenberg; Reality Bites; The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty; While We’re Young; Your Friends & Neighbors

Comedy Hi-Lites: Happy Gilmore; Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted; Meet The Parents; Mystery Men; Night At The Museum Trilogy

5 Faves: Films of Tom Hardy

Article Lead - wide995732594gguwuqimage.related.articleLeadwide.729x410.ggu06q.png1430905983366.jpg-620x3491. Mad Max: Fury Road
2. Warrior
3. Inception
4. Revenant, The
5. Bronson

Just Missed The Cut: Black Hawk Down, The Dark Knight Rises, Legend (2015), Locke, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Need To See: Dunkirk, Mad Max: The Wasteland, Splinter Cell, Stuart: A Life Backwards, Wuthering Heights (2009)

Comedy Hi-Lites: RocknRolla, This Means War

Horror Hi-Lites: Child 44

5 Faves: Films of 1999

The-Insider-141. Insider, The
2. Being John Malkovich
3. Galaxy Quest
4. October Sky
5. Three Kings

Just Missed The Cut: American Beauty, The Iron Giant, Limbo, The Matrix, South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

Need To See: Beyond The Mat, Boys Don’t Cry, Eyes Wide Shut, Sweet And Lowdown, Topsy-Turvy

Comedy Hi-Lites: 10 Things I Hate About You, American Pie, Bowfinger, Dogma, Office Space

Horror Hi-Lites
: eXistenz, The Minus Man, Ravenous, The Sixth Sense, The Thirteenth Floor