Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1956) – Quickie Review: 31 Nights Of Horror (2018) – Day 7

From the future director of Dirty Harry comes the original “body snatcher” movie. You know the story. You’ve seen this or one of its three remakes. I’ve now seen all of them. I saw them in the following order: 3, 4, 2, 1. Since I grew-up on sci-fi and horror films from the 80s, I …

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Jug Face – Quickie Review: 31 Nights Of Horror (2018) – Day 2

This film focuses on a backwoods community. Very early on, a hillbilly stereotype is revealed – so yeah, it’s that kind of movie. The community worships a ominous pit and offers it sacrifices in exchange for its healing powers. The pit speaks through a simpleton potter whom then fabricates a clay jug that would resemble …

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Spotlight – Quickie Review

The Boston Globe investigate and uncover a vast child molestation scandal and cover-up. Not an easy subject to watch, but exquisitely told with compassion and restraint. It could have easily exploited the subject with gratuitous details and uncomfortable flashbacks. Instead it follows the investigative process and the careful maneuvering through the law roadblocks. Flawless ensemble …

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Full Metal Jacket – Quickie Review

Stanley Kubrick’s Vietnam war classic told in two parts, boot camp and combat. The first half of the film is by far the best part of the movie. Even though R. Lee Ermey is basically playing himself, no one could have done it any better. He’s so f’ing good. While still intense, the second half …

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I Am Sam – Quickie Review

First off, I will admit, Sean Penn is excellent as the lead. However, I hate this movie. Overwrought with forced sentiment and musically cued pulling of heartstrings. I know this movie moves a lot of people to tears, but the only thing it induces out of me is groaning.

12 Angry Men (1957) – Quickie Review

An absolute master class of acting. Every juror is perfectly cast and perfectly performed. Even though I already know the outcome, I’m still riveted by every new twist in the case as one by one each jury member changes their vote. It all builds to the thrilling climax. I love this movie. So f’ing good.

Cop Land – Quickie Review

An absolutely cracking cop drama. The cast is a once is a lifetime ensemble. Some great twists and turns and the ending is tremendously satisfying. Hands down, the best performance of Stallone’s career.

L.A. Confidential – Quickie Review

I can watch this masterpiece over and over again, and I have. I love the story structure, I love the plot twists and the film is visually breathtaking, amazing cinematography. All star ensemble, cast to perfection. Easily in my Top 25 movies of all-time. The movie is so good, it makes me want to read …

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Mud – Quickie Review

A tremendous performance by McConaughey supported by a stellar ensemble highlighted by newcomer Tye Sheridan. A dramatic slow-burner that is continually intriguing and full of surprises. Easily one of McConaughey’s best.

Drive – Quickie Review

Pulsating neo-noir film. The movie is just an endless stream of interesting vignettes punched up with random occurrences of ultra-violence. Gosling’s strong performance is matched by a talented supporting ensemble cast with Albert Brooks and Oscar Issac being standouts. Riveting entertainment.