Yes, this is another blog about film. However, this blog will be different from any other one out there because this is the only one that is written by me.

Where to start? I’ve been a fan of movies for as long as I can remember. Movies and me go together like eggs and bacon or cheese and underpants. I would have to gather that my love of cinema was inherited from my parents. They took me to my first theatrical release when I was four, The Muppet Movie. And I’ve been a frequent visitor ever since.

I’m a fan of good movies. I’ll watch most genres. If the movie looks good, I’m interested. I am very particular though. I have been deemed a movie snob on more than one occasion. However, I also like watching “bad”. Not ones that have taken themselves seriously and they turn out to be just plain awful, but the ones that know what they are and aren’t trying to be anything else. Ankle Biters and Over-sexed Rugsuckers From Mars are two that come to mind.

While I am willing to watch films of differing varieties, I do have a soft spot for horror. Especially campy 80s brand slasher movies. The more over the top, the better; the gorier, the better. Near the top of my movie bucket list is the goal to find a movie that’s so disturbing and bloody that I have to turn it off. So far, nothing has crossed that threshold. I almost wish a movie would so that I knew I still had one. Although I have a penchant for horror flicks, my taste covers movies ranging from Mr. Smith Goes To Washington to Major League, Krull to Notting Hill, or anything that features your Mom. Along with horror movies, sports related films are the only two genres where I don’t have a problem the same cliches being used over and over again.

This blog will mostly focus on movie reviews. I’m not going to be trying to pass myself as a professional critic or as trained journalist. I’m just a dude who likes to talk about movies. I will not be dissecting every little minute detail of the film. Especially since I frequently watch movies late at night so there’s slight chance I may have drifted off here or there and missed a detail or two. So if you’re reading a review and I seem to be off the mark a bit, it’s probably because I fell alseep or at least, that’s what I’ll cop to. Mostly, I’ll just be saying what I liked and what I didn’t like. While my opinion may not always jive with yours, I am always open to discussion but know in your heart that you are wrong and I am right.

I will also be publishing a movie quote of the day which will be found here as well as my Twitter and Facebook accounts. There will be an archive so you’ll be able to see what you’ve missed.

Every movie blog needs to compile random top lists and this one will be no different. Of course, by no means will I consider these definitive lists. Although I have seen a lot of movies, I haven’t seen all of them. Lists will be adjusted or updated as I see more movies from the published lists’ topics. Or in the unlikely event that you remind me of a movie I’ve forgetten, then I have no problem adding it.

From time to time, I may conduct a poll because I’m nosey. This will help in knowing future topics and direction for the blog. Additionally, there will be a small spotlight on TV. I won’t review a whole series or season. Every now and then I’ll just do a quick review and shout out to a specific episode, new or old. No rhyme or reason because I’m crazy like that. I hope to eventually have guest contributors as well to review movies, TV and even music. And there will be posts on general musings. Some movie related, some movie adjacent and others about random observations that will blow your mind.

Thank you for reading my blog regardless of how ever you stumbled upon it. I hope to have new items often. The more support and feedback from you will help motivate new content. Please feel free to comment on anything on this blog and please submit your requests for reviews or even just supply me with viewing recommendations. I have a vast collection at my disposal as well as a couple of streaming services so there’s a good chance I’ll have access to your suggestion.

Keep reading, keep viewing and keep coming back.

Regards, Scottie