Anatomy – Quickie Review: 31 Nights Of Horror (2018) – Day 4

This 2000 German release is about a medical student (Franka Potente) that gets awarded a place a prestigious med school only to uncover a secret society which is involved in questionable medical practices. Ok thriller with not many thrills. It shares many of the same themes as the 1996 film Extreme Measures starring Gene Hackman …

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Ant-Man – Quickie Review

This movie is just plain fun. It plays more like a heist movie than a comic book film which was a pleasant change of pace. Paul Rudd’s natural charisma shines and he’s perfectly cast. Filled with great sight-gags and furious action. Strong supporting cast with Corey Stoll and Michael Pena being the standouts. A welcomed …

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Arrival, The – Quickie Review

An engrossing science fiction thriller about an astronomer who discovers the existence of alien life and then gets embroiled in a conspiracy as the aliens try to stop him from discovering their secret. Smart and very underrated. I saw this in the theatre only because I’d pretty much seen everything else released at the time. …

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