Fly, The (1986) – Quickie Review

I watched this movie so many times as a kid. Even at that early age is was mesmerized by the gore. So many high quality gruesome effects. Cronenberg was the perfect choice to for this updated version. This is still one of my favourite Goldblum flicks. Awesome stuff.

Witchboard – Quickie Review: 31 Nights Of Horror – Day 31 / Film #1

A woman becomes obsessed with a Ouija board. That’s it. That’s the movie. And it’s boring as whale shit. I hate Ouija movies that can’t even pull off the movement of the planchette without it looking really obvious that the actors are pushing it.

Crawlspace (1986) – Quickie Review: 31 Nights Of Horror – Day 30 / Film #1

An apartment landlord is the son of a Nazi surgeon and his building has hidden passageways which he uses to spy on his tenants. Klaus Kinski is deliciously creepy as the landlord who is also addicted to death. Solid suspense and some elaborate Saw-like contraptions. Decent, but not spectacular.

Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives – Quickie Review

This was my introduction the Friday The 13th series. It was the first and it’s still one of my favourites. So many deaths, so much cheese. Jason is the ultimate bad-ass in this incarnation. Awesome soundtrack.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – Quickie Review

The film that single-handedly changed attendance taking forever. Modern classic which seems to play on a 24/7 loop on TV. While some of the jokes have lost their impact, the movie is as fun as ever. Highly addictive, once you start watching it, there is no stopping.

From Beyond – Quickie Review: 31 Nights Of Horror – Day 16 / Film #2

A scientist duo develops a machine that enhances the user’s third eye with drastic results. The violence is strong, the makeup effects are crazy. This is exactly what you’d expect from the Gordon/Yuzna collaboration. Ridiculous fun, Jeffrey Combs expertly hams in it.

5 Faves: Films of 1986

1. Platoon 2. Manhunter 3. Little Shop Of Horrors 4. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 5. Fly, The Just Missed The Cut: Aliens, At Close Range, Big Trouble In Little China, Hoosiers, Stand By Me Need To See: A Better Tomorrow, Heartbreak Ridge, Highlander, Sid & Nancy, Three Amigos Comedy Hi-Lites: Back To School, Crocodile Dundee, …

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F/X – Quickie Review

Above average ’80s action thriller about a special effects expert who is hired by the FBI to fake the death of a mob boss. Steady action with plenty of twists and laughs along the way. The main complaint would be the F/X expert’s partner is an appalling actress. I wanted to slap her repeatedly. Added …

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Critters – Quickie Review

It’s been a while since I’ve seen it, but I remember it being campy fun with a good amount of gore. A nice throwback to the creature features of the ’50s. Rewatch mandatory.