Spotlight – Quickie Review

The Boston Globe investigate and uncover a vast child molestation scandal and cover-up. Not an easy subject to watch, but exquisitely told with compassion and restraint. It could have easily exploited the subject with gratuitous details and uncomfortable flashbacks. Instead it follows the investigative process and the careful maneuvering through the law roadblocks. Flawless ensemble …

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Miracle On 34th Street (1947) – Quickie Review

One of the few films where I’m not bothered by the heavy-handed sentiment. When a movie is this charming you just accept it. Effectively touching and surprisingly very amusing holiday classic filled with spot-on performances. John Payne has a very strong Cary Grant quality; he’s effortlessly charismatic. And Edmund Gwenn is absolute perfection as Santa …

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Elf – Quickie Review

A well-deserved modern holiday classic. It tugs the right heartstrings without making you feel manipulated. Will Ferrell is so funny and so endearing. It’s a wonderfully balanced and inspired performance. And everyone else is perfectly cast even though some of the choices go against conventional thought. It’s hard not the watch this on TV every …

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Heat – Quickie Reviews

Not your average cops and robbers action-thriller. Absolutely beautifully photographed which is the norm for Michael Mann films. The opening heist and the midpoint shootout are as riveting today as they were 20 years ago. I saw this film at the theatre 2 days in a row. Deep, deep supporting cast and while it’s noted …

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Inception – Quickie Review

Plain and simple, this film is a giant mindf*ck. I don’t know how this movie failed to achieve Oscar nominations for Best Director and Best Editing. I love having think during films and this one makes you think on multiple levels concurrently. Amazing special effects and tremendous action choreography. Enthralling from start to finish.

Christmas Story, A – Quickie Review

My all-time favourite Christmas flick. I need to watch this every year without fail and sometimes more than once since it plays on TV all season long. Constantly laugh-out-loud funny. Darren McGavin steals the movie with his nonsensical cursing. However, Peter Billingsley easily gives one of the best child actor performances ever. Classic feel-good holiday film that’s …

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Get Shorty – Quickie Review

This is by far, my favourite Travolta film. And yes, I’m putting this above Pulp Fiction. A very faithful adaptation of the Elmore Leonard novel. A sharp script by one of my favourite screenwriters, Scott Frank. An ensemble to die for, but Dennis Farina steals every scene he’s in. So f’ing good, love it.

12 Angry Men (1957) – Quickie Review

An absolute master class of acting. Every juror is perfectly cast and perfectly performed. Even though I already know the outcome, I’m still riveted by every new twist in the case as one by one each jury member changes their vote. It all builds to the thrilling climax. I love this movie. So f’ing good.

About A Boy – Quickie Review

I love this movie. Hugh Grant is perfectly cast and this is hands down his best performance. Very funny script with movements of moving sentiment and extreme awkwardness. I have watched this movie countless times and it hasn’t lost anything. This is one my all-time favourite comedies.

Slither – Quickie Review: 31 Nights Of Horror – Day 27 / Film #6

A meteor crashes near a small town and its contents start to infect the town’s citizens. How have I not seen this movie until now? It’s so awesome. It has everything I love. So much blood, so much gooey ickiness. First class humour mixed with cheesy one-liners. This will immediately be added to my regular …

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