Forbidden World – Quickie Review: 31 Nights Of Horror (2018) – Day 3

Have you ever wondered what Alien would have looked like if it had been produced by Roger Corman? Wonder no more. I present you, Forbidden World. After being awaken from a deep hyper-sleep to help fend off enemy ships, a federation marshal is summoned to a research space station where gene-splicing is practiced and the …

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Fly, The (1986) – Quickie Review

I watched this movie so many times as a kid. Even at that early age is was mesmerized by the gore. So many high quality gruesome effects. Cronenberg was the perfect choice to for this updated version. This is still one of my favourite Goldblum flicks. Awesome stuff.

Fish Called Wanda, A – Quickie Review

A wonderfully offensive, crude and funny heist flick. A completely Oscar-worthy tour-de-force performance by Kevin Kline. As funny now as it was back then. Any scene shared with Kline and Palin are priceless. Cleese’s script is endlessly entertaining. A comedy classic.

Four Lions – Quickie Review

A group of bumbling British jihadists start training for a deadly terror attack. This movie is brutally funny and spirited performed. Brilliant script that makes the terrorists likable, but not once does it support what they are doing. The humour clearly lies in their incompetence not with their mission. Point of interest for some, Benedict …

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Full Metal Jacket – Quickie Review

Stanley Kubrick’s Vietnam war classic told in two parts, boot camp and combat. The first half of the film is by far the best part of the movie. Even though R. Lee Ermey is basically playing himself, no one could have done it any better. He’s so f’ing good. While still intense, the second half …

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From Hell – Quickie Review

A graphic and exciting re-telling of the Jack The Ripper mystery. A very cool 19th century police procedural. While this is only one of many theories of the true identity of the Ripper, it seems very plausible. Johnny Depp and Ian Holm are excellent. Not for the squeamish.

Final Destination – Quickie Review

The one that launched a franchise. Co-written and directed by X-Files vets, James Wong and Glen Morgan based on a discarded idea from the show. Inventive death sequences, the bus scene at the end always makes me jump. Strong, likable ensemble. The first and still easily the best of the crop. Filmed partially in my …

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Fido – Quickie Review: 31 Nights Of Horror – Day 28 / Film #5

Pleasantville with zombies. I think that’s pretty accurate description. A smart comedy with an occasional zombie attack. Billy Connolly is utterly charming as the loyal title character. However, the whole cast is great as everyone is playing it straight. It would be very easy to ham it up with this subject matter, but that doesn’t …

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