Demolition Man – Quickie Review

Slam-bang, over the top, futurist action flick. Easily one of Stallone’s best and most entertaining films. Snipes is clearly having a hoot playing the super-villain. Some of the ironic future humour runs thin after a while, but the film is overall very fun with a stellar supporting cast which includes a young and spunky Sandra …

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Drownsman, The – Quickie Review

The name is much better than the movie. The idea is cool and the killer is interesting enough, but it’s kinda boring. Most horror films are built on gore and/or suspense. If it only has one, you depend on the other hopefully picking up the slack. However, this doesn’t have suspense and the method of death …

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Dave – Quickie Review

This Capraesque comedy about a full-time temp agency manager and part-time president lookalike performer who through happenstance ends up impersonating the president in an official capacity. Kevin Kline is utterly charming as the title character and Frank Langella is at his sleazy best. Wonderfully funny and very touching film. This may be Reitman’s best movie …

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Django Unchained – Quickie Review

Offensive, violent and many colourful characters. That’s this film is a nutshell as well as every other Tarantino film. One great scene after another and Tarantino is the master of dialog. However, this film belongs to Waltz and DiCaprio. I could close my eyes and just listen to the performances, delicious ear candy.

Devil – Quickie Review

A group of strangers are trapped in a malfunctioning elevator and what follows is a series of mind games as one of them is the Devil. M. Night Shyamalan has a producer and story credit for this film. The idea very much has a Shyamalan feel, but the execution is very different. This was a …

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Dracula (1931) – Quickie Review: 31 Nights Of Horror – Day 26 / Film #1

Original English language telling of the Bram Stoker classic. Legendary score and legendary performance by Lugosi. I was a little disappointed that he didn’t shout, “Pull the strings!” or say something disparaging about Karloff. While highly enjoyable, I couldn’t get past the hoaky fake bat. Although, it didn’t look as ridiculous as the actors trying …

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Dead Birds – Quickie Review: 31 Nights Of Horror – Day 23 / Film #2

Early work from the writer of You’re Next and The Guest. This is a surprisingly effective horror-western about a group of bank robbers that hide out in a haunted house after a heist goes wrong. Creepy effects, genuine jump scares. Cast of great character actors including Mark Boone Junior and Michael Shannon. A nice find …

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Don’t Go In The Woods – Quickie Review: 31 Nights Of Horror – Day 22 / Film #4

Various people go into the woods and they are killed at various times in various different ways by a feral woodsman. That’s it, that’s the movie. I can’t even give it points for campy fun. It’s just terrible top to bottom. It quite possibly could be the longest 82 minutes of my life.