John Dies At The End – Quickie Review: 31 Nights Of Horror (2018) – Day 5

This movie could be described as the love child of H.P. Lovecraft, W.S. Burroughs and Harold Ramis, but instead it is the brain child of writer/director Don Coscarelli (Phantasm, The Beastmaster, Bubba Ho-Tepp). And it’s awesome. I went into this movie without knowing anything about it other than it was a Coscarelli movie. That was …

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Howling, The – Quickie Review: 31 Nights Of Horror (2018) – Day 1

Classic ’80s werewolf flick, originally released only 4 months prior the werewolf benchmark film, An American Werewolf In London. The transformation scenes are similar between the two movies (future multi-Oscar winner Rick Baker started on this picture before hopping onto AAWIL,) but still different enough to stand on their own. The bladder effects work reminded …

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Cooties – Quickie Review

A mysterious virus has hit an elementary school and turned it into 28 Days Later. The faculty must now band together to fight the infected students for survival. This is a solid horror-comedy. A cavalcade of extreme violence dressed with marvelous practical makeup effects and a cast with pure comedy chops. The script was co-written …

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Ant-Man – Quickie Review

This movie is just plain fun. It plays more like a heist movie than a comic book film which was a pleasant change of pace. Paul Rudd’s natural charisma shines and he’s perfectly cast. Filled with great sight-gags and furious action. Strong supporting cast with Corey Stoll and Michael Pena being the standouts. A welcomed …

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Howl (2015) – Quickie Review

A train leaving London experiences some mechanical issues. The passengers must attempt to survive the mysterious creature stalking them from the nearby forest as well as the dangers from within the train. Top notch werewolf flick. Definitely a pleasant surprise. Though cliched, the characters are well developed. The gore and special effects are strong and …

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Demolition Man – Quickie Review

Slam-bang, over the top, futurist action flick. Easily one of Stallone’s best and most entertaining films. Snipes is clearly having a hoot playing the super-villain. Some of the ironic future humour runs thin after a while, but the film is overall very fun with a stellar supporting cast which includes a young and spunky Sandra …

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Christmas Vacation – Quickie Review

Modern Christmas classic penned by the late John Hughes. So many great one-liners impeccably delivered as only Chevy Chase can. There are a couple of scenes where the sentiment rises in the cheesy level, but they are mostly short-lived and the lunacy continues. Randy Quaid is masterful. A yearly must watch.

Arrival, The – Quickie Review

An engrossing science fiction thriller about an astronomer who discovers the existence of alien life and then gets embroiled in a conspiracy as the aliens try to stop him from discovering their secret. Smart and very underrated. I saw this in the theatre only because I’d pretty much seen everything else released at the time. …

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Live Free Or Die Hard – Quickie Review

John McClane is back after a 12 year absence and he’s more badass than ever. He seems to have had a power upgrade since the last time we saw him. He’s no longer an every man caught in a bad situation; he’s now able to take down choppers with a car and he can ride …

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Predator – Quickie Review

Slam-bang, testosterone-filled sci-fi actioner. Easily one of Arnie’s best for action, extreme violence and cheesy one-liners. Stellar creature make-up and effects. It’s sad that its legacy has been somewhat tainted by lesser sequels and spin-offs.