Sixteen Candles – Quickie Review

Easily in my Top 3 favourite John Hughes movies. Charming, sweet, funny and surprising crude. It’s one of those movies that I always that sucked into watching when I’m flipping channels and I come across it on TV. Very likable cast. It hasn’t lost a thing in 30 plus years. Holy shit, 30 years!

5 Faves: Films of 1984

1. Ghostbusters 2. Amadeus 3. Beverly Hills Cop 4. Terminator, The 5. This Is Spinal Tap Just Missed The Cut: The Natural, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Once Upon A Time In America, Splash, Top Secret! Need To See: Blood Simple, The Killing Fields, Missing In Action, Red Dawn, Repo Man Comedy Hi-Lites: All Of …

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Ghostbusters – Quickie Review

Hands down, my all-time favourite comedy and my second favourite movie overall. Great blend of comedy and visual effects. However, some of the effects have not held up. While the cast is stellar, Bill Murray owns this movie as Peter Venkman. I’m still finding new humour with next viewing. How is this movie not a …

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Nightmare On Elm Street, A (1984) – Quickie Review

One of the slasher greats and to this day, still one of the only films to continually creep me out. Johnny Depp’s death scared to shit out of me when I was a kid. I’d never before seen that much blood at one time. Robert Englund is masterful.