Lost Boys, The – Quickie Reviews

This was a recent rewatch and sadly, it has diminished a bit for me. The Frog Brothers used to be great comic relief. Now I just find them annoying. There still some gore, but there wasn’t as many onscreen deaths as I remembered. However, the movie does feature an ’80s beach party led by a …

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Open House (1987) – Quickie Review

A crazed serial killer is on the loose and he’s slaughtering young, female real estate agents because he blames them for the housing prices being too high and he can’t afford to buy one. Sounds reasonable. This movie is garbage.

Hellraiser – Quickie Review

I recently saw this for the first since I was a kid. In my memory, it was one of the most violent and one of the scariest movies I had seen. I guess I’ve been fairly desensitized because that’s no longer the case. It’s still a good movie, it’s just not the one I remember.