Christmas Vacation – Quickie Review

Modern Christmas classic penned by the late John Hughes. So many great one-liners impeccably delivered as only Chevy Chase can. There are a couple of scenes where the sentiment rises in the cheesy level, but they are mostly short-lived and the lunacy continues. Randy Quaid is masterful. A yearly must watch.

Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade – Quickie Review

This is by far the second best film in the series, but because of my loyalty to the original, this is a distant second. While the action is thrilling, it is the movie’s humour as well as the chemistry between Ford and Connery that carry it all the way through. It’s a whole lotta fun …

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Leviathan (1989) – Quickie Review: 31 Nights Of Horror – Day 18 / Film #3

A deep sea mining crew encounters a creature derived from a genetic experiment and it quickly disrupts their mission and the rampant sexual harassment occurring on the rig. This has B-movie written all over it, but it has first class effects and makeup. Creature created by the late Stan Winston. A great popcorn flick.

Abyss, The – Quickie Review

Wonderfully thrilling, thoroughly intense, emotionally uplifting movie with absolutely dazzling special effects. For my money, this is James Cameron’s best film. And as good as it is, the director’s cut is even more phenomenal. It really fleshes out the story more and adds some stellar visuals of the alien landscape.

Pet Sematary – Quickie Review

I have not seen this movie since I was much younger, but the thought of it bothers me more now since I have a young son myself. There was some truly eerie scenes in this film and some cringe-inducing events with a scalpel. A rewatch and possible re-rating may be needed.

Young Einstein – Quickie Review

Einstein splits the atom and beer can now be carbonated, kittens are baked in a pie. Hit and miss comedy from Australia. Yahoo Serious’s charisma only carries this movie so far.