Heat – Quickie Reviews

Not your average cops and robbers action-thriller. Absolutely beautifully photographed which is the norm for Michael Mann films. The opening heist and the midpoint shootout are as riveting today as they were 20 years ago. I saw this film at the theatre 2 days in a row. Deep, deep supporting cast and while it’s noted …

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Billy Madison – Quickie Review

This is not a good movie by any standard, but it constantly makes me laugh shamelessly. The premise is absurd and most of the jokes are just plain stupid, but I can’t help myself. Sandler first major starring role and it remains one of my favourites and a total guilty pleasure.

Get Shorty – Quickie Review

This is by far, my favourite Travolta film. And yes, I’m putting this above Pulp Fiction. A very faithful adaptation of the Elmore Leonard novel. A sharp script by one of my favourite screenwriters, Scott Frank. An ensemble to die for, but Dennis Farina steals every scene he’s in. So f’ing good, love it.

5 Faves: Films of 1995

1. Seven 2. Usual Suspects, The 3. Heat 4. Braveheart 5. In The Mouth Of Madness Just Missed The Cut: 12 Monkeys, Crimson Tide, Desperado, Die Hard With Vengeance, Waterworld Need To See: The Basketball Diaries, City Of Lost Children, The Crossing Guard, Leaving Las Vegas, Nixon Comedy Hi-Lites: The American President, Babe, Clueless, Get …

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Showgirls – Quickie Review

I like campy, but this was dreadful. The closest I’ve ever come to walking out of a movie theatre. It’s about 128 minutes too long.