EuroTrip – Quickie Review

A group of recent high school graduates head to Europe to adventure and frivolity. Surprisingly entertaining and very funny teen romp comedy. The plot is pretty thin, but it’s a continuous string of amusing scenarios and vignettes. Chock-a-block full of crude and inappropriate humour which is welcomed and delightful. Also, it features one of the …

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Zoolander – Quickie Review

Before Will Ferrell was a leading man, he was a scene-stealer and this movie is a prime example. This film perfectly balances the line between silly and clever. It is still the best pairing of Stiller and Wilson.  Jam-packed with irreverent humour, spot-on sight gags and plethora of winning cameos including David Bowie, David Duchovny and …

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Cane Toads: The Conquest – Quickie Review

A tongue-in-cheek documentary detailing the continuous westbound migration of cane toads across Australia and the devastation they leave in their wake. Extremely compelling, highly absorbing and very amusing. Even though these amphibians are tremendously destructive, they are amazing creatures. There are some crazy statistics in this film. Available on Netflix.

Fly, The (1986) – Quickie Review

I watched this movie so many times as a kid. Even at that early age is was mesmerized by the gore. So many high quality gruesome effects. Cronenberg was the perfect choice to for this updated version. This is still one of my favourite Goldblum flicks. Awesome stuff.

Let Me In – Quickie Review

A young teenage boy befriends a young female vampire as her guardian kills people to drain their blood to quench her blood lust. While not as good as the Swedish contemporary horror classic, Let The Right One In, it is still very good. Very creepy tone and it has enough original touches to make this …

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Grosse Pointe Blank – Quickie Review

A hitman having a crisis of conscience heads home for his 10 year high reunion as it coincides with his next mission. Very entertaining, comedy actioner. Cusack is at his John Cusiatic best. While the movie plays out exactly as one could predict, I think most would be disappointed if it didn’t. Darkly humourous and …

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Dave – Quickie Review

This Capraesque comedy about a full-time temp agency manager and part-time president lookalike performer who through happenstance ends up impersonating the president in an official capacity. Kevin Kline is utterly charming as the title character and Frank Langella is at his sleazy best. Wonderfully funny and very touching film. This may be Reitman’s best movie …

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Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade – Quickie Review

This is by far the second best film in the series, but because of my loyalty to the original, this is a distant second. While the action is thrilling, it is the movie’s humour as well as the chemistry between Ford and Connery that carry it all the way through. It’s a whole lotta fun …

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Go – Quickie Review

This a story about the happenings of various people following a Christmas Eve drug deal. Each story is told separately with the stories briefly intersecting along way. Fast-paced and funny, drug induced romp. Great ensemble, but William Fichtner is a standout.

Ghost Town – Quickie Reviews

After an anti-social dentist is revived from death during a routine surgery, he is cursed with the ability see and speak to ghosts. This a funny, often hilarious, and sometimes moving film. The chemistry between Gervais and Leoni seems very natural. The movie is full of Gervaisesque one-liners. Outside of Derek, I think this is …

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