Ankle Biters – Quickie Review

This movie gives indie horror flicks a bad name. I like the idea behind it. I like laughing at its ridiculousness, but mostly I love the name and what it infers. It tries so hard to be something more. The bizarre angles and the unnecessary slo-mo camerawork are mostly just distractions. I like that most …

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Abyss, The – Quickie Review

Wonderfully thrilling, thoroughly intense, emotionally uplifting movie with absolutely dazzling special effects. For my money, this is James Cameron’s best film. And as good as it is, the director’s cut is even more phenomenal. It really fleshes out the story more and adds some stellar visuals of the alien landscape.

Creep (2014) – Quickie Review

A brilliant, quiet, little horror flick. Very understated, very restrained. Mark Duplass is pitch perfect as the “Creep”. Many of strong jump scares and clever twists. This is what every found footage movie should strive to be. Big isn’t always better. Catch it on Netflix.

American Werewolf In London, An – Quickie Review

Classic werewolf film. Transformation scenes and makeup effects are still among the best. Darkly funny, great performances all around. Happy retirement to you, Rick Baker.