Elf – Quickie Review

A well-deserved modern holiday classic. It tugs the right heartstrings without making you feel manipulated. Will Ferrell is so funny and so endearing. It’s a wonderfully balanced and inspired performance. And everyone else is perfectly cast even though some of the choices go against conventional thought. It’s hard not the watch this on TV every …

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Christmas Vacation – Quickie Review

Modern Christmas classic penned by the late John Hughes. So many great one-liners impeccably delivered as only Chevy Chase can. There are a couple of scenes where the sentiment rises in the cheesy level, but they are mostly short-lived and the lunacy continues. Randy Quaid is masterful. A yearly must watch.

Bridesmaids – Quickie Review

It would be hard not to become a fan of Kristen Wiig after watching this movie and it would be hard not to become a bigger fan if you had already been familiar with her from Saturday Night Live. She’s effortlessly charismatic, awkward and hilarious at the same time. Wiig is surrounded by a balanced and …

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Christmas Story, A – Quickie Review

My all-time favourite Christmas flick. I need to watch this every year without fail and sometimes more than once since it plays on TV all season long. Constantly laugh-out-loud funny. Darren McGavin steals the movie with his nonsensical cursing. However, Peter Billingsley easily gives one of the best child actor performances ever. Classic feel-good holiday film that’s …

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EuroTrip – Quickie Review

A group of recent high school graduates head to Europe to adventure and frivolity. Surprisingly entertaining and very funny teen romp comedy. The plot is pretty thin, but it’s a continuous string of amusing scenarios and vignettes. Chock-a-block full of crude and inappropriate humour which is welcomed and delightful. Also, it features one of the …

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Ref, The – Quickie Review

Loud, abrasive, offensive and undeniably hysterical. By far, Denis Leary’s best movie as a leading man although it is definitely bolstered by an immaculate supporting cast. This film is endlessly quotable with some jaw-droppingly crude one-liners. It doesn’t lay on the holiday sentiment too thick which makes it watchable any time of the year. However, it …

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