A Sister Act – A Dozen Summers Review

I was recently contacted by Kenton Hall, the writer/director/co-star of the British film I’m about to discuss, offering me a chance to review his independent project prior to its release. And I replied with a, “Jolly good ol’ chap, I’m gob-smacked, you must be taking a piss, I’d love to.” Actually, I didn’t say any …

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Devil’s Rejects, The – Quickie Review

Rob Zombie’s follow-up to House of 1000 Corpses is a hyper-violent crime romp with exceptional dark humour and very well written dialogue, almost lyrical in parts. Not for everyone, I remember seeing a few people walk out of the theatre when I saw it. Bill Moseley is terrific.

Diggstown – Quickie Review

Great boxing movie, even better con artist movie. James Woods is magnetic; Bruce Dern is at his sleazeball best; Oliver Platt is a riot. Plenty of twists and turns along the way with a killer ending.

Dr. Giggles – Quickie Review

Camp is the order of the day in this surprisingly funny, heavily gory and underrated horror film. Larry Drake gives a wonderfully measured, over-the-top performance. Clever death scenes, a whole lot of fun.

Dude, Where’s My Car? – Quickie Review

About as big of a steaming pile of shit to ever appear on celluloid. Unfunny, misogynistic, unfunny, dumb, unfunny, a complete waste of time.