Inherit The Wind – Quickie Review

Based on the landmark Scopes Monkey Trial. This is a riveting courtroom drama that pits religion versus evolution. Powerhouse performances from top to bottom with Gene Kelly being a standout in a rare non-musical appearance. I read the book and watched the film in high school as a part of curriculum and now I just …

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Duplicity – Quickie Review

A fun and clever corporate espionage flick. Lots of twists and double-crosses along the way. Terrific chemistry between the two leads and it also features one of the best opening credit sequences you’ll ever see.

Remember The Titans – Quickie Review

My all-time favourite football film. Terrific and inspiring performance by Washington with a strong supporting ensemble. I’ve seen this a countless number of times. A little of the impact is lost when you read up on the true story and see the differences from the story presented in the movie. Still a goose-bumping movie experience.

Training Day – Quickie Review

I know I’ll probably ruffle a few feathers with this one, but I didn’t care much for this movie. I think it’s highly overrated and Denzel Washington’s performance is way too over the top. I don’t think he deserved the Oscar especially over Russell Crowe’s turn in A Beautiful Mind. I actually preferred Ethan Hawke …

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Showgirls – Quickie Review

I like campy, but this was dreadful. The closest I’ve ever come to walking out of a movie theatre. It’s about 128 minutes too long.

5 Faves: Football – Drama

1. Remember The Titans 2. Rudy 3. Friday Night Lights 4. Any Given Sunday 5. Draft Day Continuing with the sports genre, we arrive at football. I think I prefer watching football films more than watching actual football. Titans is my favourite, hands down. It has everything you’d want it a football movie: drama, comedy, …

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5 Faves: Baseball – Drama

1. Moneyball 2. Fields Of Dreams 3. Natural, The 4. Eight Men Out 5. Rookie, The It’s been previously stated that I love baseball movies, plain and simple. Admittedly, while Moneyball is laced with comedy, it is technically a drama. The same can be said for everything penned by Aaron Sorkin. I really enjoy fact …

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