Office Space – Quickie Review

This is easily one of the most notable comedies of all time. No matter how many times I watch this movie, I always smile with anticipation of a joke and then laugh when it arrives. Everyone’s comedic timing is perfect and the script is flawless.

Outing, The – Quickie Review: 31 Nights Of Horror – Day 18 / Film #2

A group of teenagers are stalked by a vengeful genie while they are staying overnight in a museum. The 30-year-old teenagers drink, fool around and laugh wildly at each other’s jokes that aren’t even remotely funny. Creative and gruesome deaths go to waste in this terrible movie. FYI: If you’re in a pinch, you can …

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Omen, The (1976) – Quickie Review: 31 Nights Of Horror – Day 13 / Film #3

Exquisite supernatural thriller from director Richard Donner. This was my first time seeing it and even though I already knew the outcome, I was still riveted. Wonderful screenplay and believable performances. Love David Warner, always a commanding presence.

Old School – Quickie Review

A great launching pad for Will Ferrell’s post SNL career. Vince Vaughn and Luke Wilson are also as the top of their game. So many very funny one-liners and sight gags. Good clean, raunchy fun.

Once – Quickie Review

I love this movie. I can’t stress that enough. A simple story about two people meet and then make music together, literally. It’s not your standard musical where the characters just break into song. It’s woven into the story organically and the results are hypnotic. It’s easily one of my favourite movies as well as …

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Open House (1987) – Quickie Review

A crazed serial killer is on the loose and he’s slaughtering young, female real estate agents because he blames them for the housing prices being too high and he can’t afford to buy one. Sounds reasonable. This movie is garbage.

Over-sexed Rugsuckers From Mars – Quickie Review

Classic ’80s low budget sci-fi schlock, so bad it hurts. I love it. Find a copy, that’s my review on the back cover.