Paul – Quickie Review

A marvelously inspired fanboy sci-comedy written by and starring two fanboys. You don’t have to be a sci-fi fan to enjoy this movie, but it helps. It helps a lot. From the in-jokes to the subtle references to the key casting choices and the deliberate homages, this movie is jam-packed with everything a fan could …

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Pet Sematary – Quickie Review

I have not seen this movie since I was much younger, but the thought of it bothers me more now since I have a young son myself. There was some truly eerie scenes in this film and some cringe-inducing events with a scalpel. A rewatch and possible re-rating may be needed.

Pitch Perfect – Quickie Review

My ultimate guilty pleasure movie. I make no apologies for the ridiculous amount of times I’ve seen this flick. I like the singing; I like the edgy humour; I like the girls. It’s a fun movie, so bite me.

Pumpkinhead – Quickie Review

Directorial debut for the late special effects master, Stan Winston. Creepy tone throughout, solid gore and unsurprisingly, great creature effects and design. Lance Henrikson is Lance Henrikson as always and that’s just how we like it.