Return Of The Living Dead – Quickie Review: 31 Nights Of Horror – Day 3 / Film #1

Corny ’80s zombie horror comedy. It’s entertaining and the gore is above average, but it’s a little hard to watch after seeing all of The Walking Dead. It is really hard to get passed the zombies’ ability to talk, converse, make logical decisions, have memories and remorse. Probably would have enjoyed it more 30 years ago.

Rango – Quickie Review

Absolutely gorgeous looking, Oscar winning animated film. Definitive proof animation does not have to be in 3D to be rich in texture and to pop off the screen. Smart script, perhaps more geared towards adults, but still enough to keep kids’ attention. One of my favourite animated films.

Remember The Titans – Quickie Review

My all-time favourite football film. Terrific and inspiring performance by Washington with a strong supporting ensemble. I’ve seen this a countless number of times. A little of the impact is lost when you read up on the true story and see the differences from the story presented in the movie. Still a goose-bumping movie experience.

Rock, The – Quickie Review

Easily in my Top 5 action films of all time. This was early in Michael Bay’s career and this is where he peaked. Great action sequences, strong ensemble and actually a very believable villain with fairly realistic motivations. A classic Simpson/Bruckheimer production. I saw this bitch 5 times at the theatre.