Thing, The (1982) – Quickie Review: 31 Nights Of Horror – Day 24 / Film #3

It had been a long time since I’d last seen this film, and it’s even better than I remember. I’ve watched so much crap this month, it’s so refreshing when story, special effects, acting and everything else just work together so symbiotically. Near perfection. I just can’t believe how much this movie was inspired by …

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Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil – Quickie Review

A couple of happy-go-lucky rednecks become victims of negative profiling and what follows are the ultimate cases of misunderstanding. One of my favourite horror-comedies, just the right amount of gore and the perfect amount of laughs. The scene that involves a chainsaw and a hive is flawlessly executed. Purely delightful.

True Lies – Quickie Review

My feelings towards this film have diminished over the years. I once regarded it as one of the upper echelon action-comedies. Not so much any more. I used to think that Tom Arnold was a revelation; now he’s just an annoying sidekick. The action sequences mostly hold up. The bridge scene is still a high-light. …

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Tusk – Quickie Review: 31 Nights Of Horror – Day 12 / Film #2

This movie is f’d up. It really is, but I loved. Ignore the story line, the gore, the makeup effects – this movie belongs to Michael Parks. He’s absolutely bat shit crazy, but he makes you care for him and his plight. It’s so much more than just Human Centipede with a walrus. This movie, …

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There’s Nothing Out There – Quickie Review

Common horror film scenario, several teens travel to a cabin on the lake for spring break only to have it spoiled by killer creature. Very meta film that predates Scream by 5 years. As every horror movie cliche unfolds, one for the characters calls out the stupidity of the situation and their motives. Great joke …

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This Is Where I Leave You – Quickie Review

Extremely funny and often very touching comedic-drama featuring a phenomenal ensemble cast. I was surprised about how much I enjoyed this movie. While there is absolutely no need for a sequel, I hope for one just so I could see this cast perform together again.

True Romance – Quickie Review

One of my all time favourite films. Perfectly cast with a dream ensemble. Some of the best dialog ever put to celluloid. The violence is brutal and breathtaking. One phenomenal scene after another, pure movie magic. Love it.