Movie Drivel Presents: 25 Essential Dinosaur Facts

Jurassic World has been unleashed and to coincide with its release, I have compiled a list of dino facts you may or may not have known. Please read, enjoy and learn.

  1. In a pinch, dinosaurs make for good kindling
  2. Due to the T-Rex’s short arms, it lost out to Miles Teller for the role in Whiplash
  3. Dinosaurs roamed all over the earth because they didn’t have a decent cellular provider
  4. Much like humans, dinosaurs evolved from apes
  5. Due to their superior camouflage and hiding skills, nobody has seen a dinosaur in years
  6. Crossbreeding across species was frowned upon.  However, cross-dressing was widely accepted
  7. First dinosaur to walk on the moon, Neil Arms-Not-So-Strong
  8. God created dinosaurs and then took million and millions and millions and millions of years off
  9. Contrary to the rumours, they are not big Dinosaur Jr. fans.  Huge supporters of Hall & Oates, though.
  10. Dinosaurs were almost entirely made of paper mache
  11. Scientists are now willing to say that dinosaurs are related to bears and not raccoons
  12. Most carnivorous dinosaurs enjoy the occasional fruit salad
  13. Even dinosaurs refused to support the Kickstarter campaign for Uwe Boll
  14. They feel Waterworld has been unfairly judged. Rename it, Mad Max: Waterworld and people would love it
  15. Dinosaurs have always had the ability to smell what The Rock was cooking
  16. Dinosaurs can’t watch any Jurassic film without shredding a tear for the plight of dinosaurs in captivity
  17. When push comes to shove, dinosaurs may resort to name calling
  18. Much like humans, baby dinosaurs are air delivered by storks
  19. Dinosaurs don’t think you’re ready for this jelly
  20. Because of their arm length and positioning, T-Rex’s are proficient knitters
  21. Even dinosaurs can barely remember the time before The Simpsons first aired
  22. Dinosaurs are emphatically against the use of fossil fuels
  23. Dinosaurs have a hard time not smiling for passport photos. The anticipation of travel makes them giddy
  24. A dinosaur would gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today
  25. Dinosaur children are always asking their parents for merchandise based on the hit movie, Quaternary Park

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