5 Faves: Films of Denzel Washington

denzel-washington-coach-herman-boone-remember-the-titans1. Remember The Titans
2. Glory
3. Inside Man
4. Crimson Tide
5. Courage Under Fire

Just Missed The Cut: American Gangster, The Equalizer, He Got Game, Man On Fire, Unstoppable

Need To See: Cry Freedom, The Devil In The Blue Dress, The Magnificent Seven (2016), Malcolm X, Philadelphia

Comedy Hi-Lites: Heart Condition

Horror Hi-Lites: The Bone Collector, Fallen, Ricochet, Virtuosity

1 thought on “5 Faves: Films of Denzel Washington”

  1. My 5:

    1. Malcolm X
    2. Glory
    3. He Got Game
    4. Training Day
    5. American Gangster

    Of course, this is subject to change every 10 minutes depending on my mood.

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