God Told Me To – Quickie Review: 31 Nights Of Horror (2018) – Day 9

god-told-me-to-andy-kaufmanI am a big Larry Cohen fan so there is always a little bias and I’ll except things easier in his films than others. If you’re not a fan of Cohen, get out! Or maybe you just don’t realize you’re fan because you unfamiliar with his cult-laden filmography (The It’s Alive trilogy, The Stuff, Maniac Cop). He also had some moderate mainstream success with 2002’s Phone Booth.

A devout NY detective investigates a spree on mass murders wherein all of the suspects individually confess that “God Told Me To.” Fun Fact: One of the assailants is portrayed by the late great Andy Kaufman in his film debut.

The investigation will travel through a secret sect, questionable faith, perhaps a second coming and hint at alien insemination. Yes, this is all the same movie. Sure, it’s mostly unbelievable, but the thing that’s hardest to believe is that the lead character is supposed to only be 34 years old. Not bloody likely. It’s not the best of Cohen, but it’s worth a look as are most of his films.

Best Line: “The Irish have waited all year for this day. You are not gonna ruin it for them. You got that?”

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