Howling, The – Quickie Review: 31 Nights Of Horror (2018) – Day 1

howling-1981Classic ’80s werewolf flick, originally released only 4 months prior the werewolf benchmark film, An American Werewolf In London. The transformation scenes are similar between the two movies (future multi-Oscar winner Rick Baker started on this picture before hopping onto AAWIL,) but still different enough to stand on their own. The bladder effects work reminded me of The Beast Within which came out a year after. Solid screenplay by John Sayles who would go on write such films as Eight Men Out and Lone Star. I had been a while since I first saw The Howling and I enjoyed it more now than I did then. Great satire, witty dialogue and stellar effects make this film highly rewatchable. It will end up in my viewing rotation frequently.

Best line in the movie: “Take it easy, pal. You know not all of us got enough money for a Mazda.”

Four stars

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