I wanted my son to be a part of this blog, but only ten words at a time. These are his thoughts on random movies.

charicature of Nate

Nate’s 10 Words on Hotel Transylvania

“Monsters at a hotel, really neat. Invisible Man is naked.” Hotel trans

Nate’s 10 Words on Despicable Me 2

“Gru’s back, but being a good person. Made me laugh.”


Nate’s 10 Words on Wreck-It-Ralph

“For people who like video games, comedy, butts, nuts and coconuts.”


Nate’s 10 Words on The Lego Movie

“Everything’s awesome. Makes people laugh. Vitruvius’s stick is a lollipop.”


Nate’s 10 Words on Pitch Perfect

“Singing. Fun. Um, let me think, this is hard… girls.”


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