Twister – Quickie Review

I first saw this movie at a midnight screening, opening day. Initially, I thought it was pretty awesome. It effects blew me away, but upon further viewings the effects fade and you start the hear the terrible dialogue. My least favourite character, Dusty. Because of this role, it took me a long time to come …

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Raid 2, The – Quickie Review

Outstanding follow-up to the hyper-violent original. This movie is much longer and it has much more of a story. The fighting sequences are still phenomenal and ferocious. The violence is so delightfully over the top and inventive. I mean really, you can’t miss with a fighting duo armed with an aluminum baseball bat and a …

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Mission: Impossible – Quickie Review

The original that kicked off the series that will be going to least 6. For me, it’s a toss up between this one and the second film for my least favourite in the series. It’s not to say I don’t like it, just not as much as the later ones. The action is top-notch, but the …

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Live Free Or Die Hard – Quickie Review

John McClane is back after a 12 year absence and he’s more badass than ever. He seems to have had a power upgrade since the last time we saw him. He’s no longer an every man caught in a bad situation; he’s now able to take down choppers with a car and he can ride …

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Heat – Quickie Reviews

Not your average cops and robbers action-thriller. Absolutely beautifully photographed which is the norm for Michael Mann films. The opening heist and the midpoint shootout are as riveting today as they were 20 years ago. I saw this film at the theatre 2 days in a row. Deep, deep supporting cast and while it’s noted …

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Inception – Quickie Review

Plain and simple, this film is a giant mindf*ck. I don’t know how this movie failed to achieve Oscar nominations for Best Director and Best Editing. I love having think during films and this one makes you think on multiple levels concurrently. Amazing special effects and tremendous action choreography. Enthralling from start to finish.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Quickie Review

Not your typical superhero film. It plays like a political thriller as well as a very accomplished action film. This is one of the best films of the Marvel Universe and one of the best of 2014. The superior script allows for some rich performances. Chris Evans is Captain America. I can’t imagine anyone else …

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Predator – Quickie Review

Slam-bang, testosterone-filled sci-fi actioner. Easily one of Arnie’s best for action, extreme violence and cheesy one-liners. Stellar creature make-up and effects. It’s sad that its legacy has been somewhat tainted by lesser sequels and spin-offs.

Machete Kills – Quickie Review

Not as good as it’s predecessor, but still decent. More corn, than camp this time around. Too many “Machete Don’t…” jokes and even though he’s a dick in the real world, I can’t buy Mel Gibson as a villain. Over the top direction and inventive deaths are definitely this film’s best attributes. Vast supporting cast …

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Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade – Quickie Review

This is by far the second best film in the series, but because of my loyalty to the original, this is a distant second. While the action is thrilling, it is the movie’s humour as well as the chemistry between Ford and Connery that carry it all the way through. It’s a whole lotta fun …

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