Harvey – Quickie Review

I can sum up this movie with one word: Delightful. James Stewart is effortlessly charming, as usual, in this spirited and very funny movie. This is film is pure magic.

House Of The Devil, The – Quickie Review

This is a horror movie, through and through. A nice throwback to the horror flicks of the ’70s. A real slow-burner. This movie builds to a tremendous payoff. Co-starring, the always marvelous and criminally under used, Tom Noonan. One of the best horrors in recent memory.

Hostel – Quickie Review

One of the first mainstream movies to be deemed, torture porn. It’s well made movie, very creepy and very violent. Not for anyone with a weak stomach. It’s very graphic and not surprisingly, full of dark humour. It’s among the first of its kind, and it remains one of the best.

Hellraiser – Quickie Review

I recently saw this for the first since I was a kid. In my memory, it was one of the most violent and one of the scariest movies I had seen. I guess I’ve been fairly desensitized because that’s no longer the case. It’s still a good movie, it’s just not the one I remember.