I wanted my son to be a part of this blog, but only ten words at a time. These are his thoughts on random movies.

charicature of Nate

Nate’s 10 Words on Iron Man 2

“I accidentally called Tony Stark’s new element, The Fifth Element.” maxresdefault (3)

Nate’s 10 Words on Zootopia

“I liked when Nick Wilde ‘bit’ Judy on the neck.”


Nate’s 10 Words on The Incredible Hulk (2008)

“Incredible Hulk looks like a bigger version of Yoda, lol.”


Nate’s 10 Words on One Man Band

“I liked when the girl’s coin goes into the fountain.”


Nate’s 10 Words on Iron Man

“Tony Stark stinks so bad in pants with rotten cheese.”

Iron Man

Nate’s 10 Words on Knick Knack

“I liked when the snow-globe falls back onto the snowman.”


Nate’s 10 Works on Pixels

“I liked all of the Q-Bert babies at the end.”


Nate’s 10 Words on Shaun The Sheep Movie

“I liked it when the dog was actually a board.”


Nate’s 10 Words on Red’s Dream

“I liked when Red woke-up and saw he was dreaming.”


Nate’s 10 Words on Mike’s New Car

“I liked when Mike got stuck under the car’s hood.”


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